A Gentle Reminder

Last night I went out to buy dinner in Dago. By the time I arrived on Kedai Mie, I saw a scavenger walk passed by. He wore no sandals or shoes. He carried a big sack on his right shoulder.

It was 8.48 pm. I was going to buy dinner, he was still scavenging. I will return home safely in only 15 minutes afterwards, he will probably scavenging until late at night.

I paused for a few seconds in front of the Kedai Mie, pondering that thought. Then I carried on buying my dinner. But somehow, I couldn’t get rid of the image of that scavenger from my mind.

On my way home, 20 minutes later, I saw a tall man, middle-aged, walk slowly on the small alley. It seemed that he had a health problem. He walked straight, but stiffly and carefully, sending an impression that a robot is walking. My guess is he suffered from stroke.

Both men kept me thinking. I was being reminded. Gently reminded by them.

“Kita harus iri pada ketangguhannya berkata YA kepada kehidupan, sesulit apa pun hidup yang dijalaninya…”– Alfathri Adlin on FB

True. I must envy them for saying, “YES” to this life, no matter how hard it is.

I mean, hey, what was I complaining? I have a nice place to live, I have more than enough money to get my basic needs and food and health care products, enough to go to watch movies once in a while, and I even can pay for my youngest brother’s education. My recent problems mostly about social or friendship or family, about which work outfit to wear today, about when will be the right time to replace my old gadget, or about which movie I should watch this month.

I’m living a good life, am I?

The days when I have to worry about when I can pay my debt are over. Yes, I had years of struggling to make the ends meet. After both of my parents passed away, exactly at the time when I was supposed to get full support for my education, I couldn’t do anything but accept the reality and started to make my own living while finishing my degree. And I have two brothers and one sister to worry about. Not to mention I had health problem; typhoid fever had me suffered digestion problem several years after I recovered from the typhoid fever. It was pretty much ruined my strong-as-a-horse health condition.

But, once again, it was over.

Unlike both men–the first still fighting to make a living by scavenging and the latter suffering from my-best-guess-is-stroke health problem, I’m living a good life and health condition. So what was I complaining?

Maybe I should complain about my self, for lacking of gratitude.

One Response to “A Gentle Reminder”
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