Top 5 Computer Capabilities I Wish I Had in My Life! ^^

Here are what Gini, one of Pixar’s animator, said about top 5 computer capabilities she wish she had in her life:
1) Undo
2) Copy and paste
3) Debugger
4) Virus protection
5) Memory upgrade

I quoted the list and put it on my Facebook status this afternoon.

But on second thought, my list would be like this:
1) Memory upgrade
2) Debugger
3) [Stronger] virus protection
4) Copy and paste
5) Undo

(I don’t need ‘undo’ much in my life.)

Well, I need memory upgrade so much. Since I’m learning French, I need a lot of extra memory to keep the French vocab.

Not that it isn’t available aready. I just still don’t know how to upgrade my memory. 🙂

5 Responses to “Top 5 Computer Capabilities I Wish I Had in My Life! ^^”
  1. wage says:

    I think our memory has self upgrade ability ^_^,
    it will strech during our activities

  2. wage says:


    Bu Ales, salam kenal
    blog nya inspiring
    keep blogging



  3. wagenugraha says:

    Pernah ikuta Aikido duluuuuu sekali teh,
    di daerah PALDAM Siliwangi Gudang Utara sekitar tahun 2003-2004 ^_^,
    sudah lama sekali ya,

    • sherlanova says:

      Waaah, saya juga!
      Awalnya ikut di ITB. Trus ikutan latihan di Gudut tahun 2003an juga.
      Pernah ketemu ya kita?

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