One Day on Culinary Tour: Fast Food

I’m not much a snacker (my term for snack’s fan).

As a matter of fact, I enjoy eating but I don’t eat irregularly. I even didn’t eat snacks much, though I love chocolate, ice cream, and sometime cookies or brownies (yummy….)

As for fast food, the same thing happened. I’m not much a junk-fooder either. I don’t remember how many years has passed since the last time I step foot on one of fast food restaurant. It only because of the taste—and the nutrition of those kind of foods, which is almost none (that’s why they call it ‘junk’ right?).

About three years ago, I took my sister out on weekend to BIP. Just want to hang out with her, during her visit to Bandung. Well, what else to do? I’ve already take her to Gramedia (one spot that could never be missed: book store), and our hang out wouldn’t be complete before we go somewhere to eat.

So, here we are, sitting on Mc’Donalds table, enjoying our burger and fries and coke. We have some options, actually. Hoka-hoka Bento, Wendy’s, KFC, Popeye’s, steaks restaurant. And yet, we choose Mc’D for some reasons I didn’t remember.

I thought it would be as good as I remember. The burger I mean. And I was wrong. The burger… what can I say? The fillings’ okay, but not the meat. There’s some bitter taste I cannot explain that makes the whole burger dissapointing. So much for twenty-five thousand per package. I regret my decision.

After years of vacuum not tasting the food from Mc’D, I felt disappointed.

Maybe it is the quality of the food. And maybe, it is me who changed. I mean, my appetite. I used to eat natural food, cooked from fresh ingredients, like most of Indonesian foods are. The taste are real, full of seasons and spices. Well of course it’s delicious. It’s cheaper and healthier than that ‘fast food’ I bought with my sister on BIP. Well, who could blame the fast food? The name it self already tells us everything:

Fastfood = fast + food = a food processed in certain way so that it can be prepared in quick time (if it’s not really-really fast; remember how many minutes Mc’Donalds promised the customer to prepare the order?), regardless the real nutrition and the taste that missing during the making process back there in the factory.

Well, just for your information, to replace the real nutrition and taste, of course some additional ingredients added: flavoring, coloring, and preservative. And all of them are as artificial as it can be. I mean, it can made of something that totally different from it self. But I won’t discuss it much further.

[You can find tons of articles about artificial food ingredients–that’s what I call flavoring, coloring, preservative, and any other additional yet unecessary food ingredients.]

And there I was, sitting in front of King’s Plaza building on Pasar Baru Bandung, taking a first gulp on my chocolate fudge sundae from (again) Mc’D, on August 7, 2008. The ice cream is okay, but not the chocolate top. Well, since I’m enjoying chocolate so much and had a lot experiences in what makes chocolate delicious, this one is quite disappointing. Again.

The aroma’s fine (I bet they add some artificial chocolate aroma). But the sweet taste is not. I can tell that they used artificial sweetener (maybe saccarin, or else; I don’t know). The sweetener taste is so strong I can’t even take it any more. So, I only ate the ice cream, and left the liquid chocolate topping untouched.

Aargh! McDonalds! I can’t even trust anything delicious from them but the cone ice cream. I wonder how could their food fans be their fans? Maybe they eat it without even tasting it. Or maybe they just eat without thinking.

By the way, I bought two doughnuts from Dunkin too that day. I was quite enjoyed the doughnuts, even though the taste was not better than the breads from Hypermart’s bakery, for example. I remember how I’m dying for Dunkin doughnuts when I was still on grade seven. I consider it as the most delicious doughnuts in the world. To have two doughnuts in one lunch time would keep my stomach full for the rest of the day.

Now, two doughnuts in a row would only become a snack and I don’t consider it as the most delicious doughnuts in the world anymore. There is J-Co’s and Bread Talk’s to consider. And there are a lot more delicious meals to give me real calories. Buying chocolate fudge sundae and two doughnuts that day would only become one wrong choice of my culinary advanture.

But there are some fast food restaurant that I still consider as having-good-taste-food one. A&W, Hoka-hoka Bento (but the halal aspect still in question), Kebab, KFC, Pizza Hut, are some of them. Well, as I said before, I’m not much a junk fooders, so I can only give you those restaurants for suggestion, which I know from my childhood culinary experiences. Maybe if I got a chance to visit new fast food restaurant (which I never visit before), I’ll tell you my opinion about the food’s taste.

Anyway, I think it’s better if you try fresh-cooked meals, than having fast food as a part of your culinary advanture. There are lots of restaurant around Bandung that serves delicious food and cozy place and I’ve visit some of them. You can join me if me you want. Interested?


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